Bringing Virtues to Life

These strategies help us to live more authentic, purposeful lives, to raise children of compassion and idealism, and create a culture of character in our schools, workplaces and communities.

Speak the Language of Virtues
Language has power to discourage or to inspire. Using virtues to acknowledge, guide,
correct and thank awakens the virtues of our character.

Recognize Teachable Moments
Recognizing the virtues needed in daily challenges helps us to become lifelong learners
open to the lessons of character.

Set Clear Boundaries
Setting boundaries based on respect and restorative justice creates a climate of peace,
cooperation and safety in our homes, schools and communities

Honor the Spirit
Bringing virtue to life in our daily interactions, activities, celebrations and the arts,
we sustain our vision and purpose while honoring the dignity of every person.

Offer Companioning
Being deeply present listening with compassionate curiosity guides others to find
clarity and to create their own solutions. It supports healing and growth.

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